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The Devils Academy Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - Cinematographer (recreations) 2023 1x60


Mean Girl Murders Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - Cinematographer (recreations) 2022 10x60


The Playboy Murders Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - Cinematographer (recreations) 2022 10x60

Calls From The Inside S2 Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - Cinematographer (recreations) 2022 10x60

American Dynasties S2 Stephen David Entertainment FOX NATION - Cinematographer (recreations) 2022 10x30

I Survived a Serial Killer Law Newz A&E - Director/DP (recreations) 2021 16x30

Where Murder Lies S3 Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - Cinematographer (recreations) 2021 6x60

Murder Under the Friday Night Lights Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - Cinematographer (recreations) 2021 6x60

Calls From The Inside Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - Cinematographer (recreations) 2021 6x60

Citizen P.I.  Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - Director/DP (recreations) 2021 6x60


Final Moments ITV OXYGEN - Cinematographer (recreations) 2021 8x60

Ryan Doesn't Know Westbrook Media SNAP ORIGINALS - cinematographer 2021 10x5

Confronting A Serial Killer Radical Media Starz Network - cinematographer (recreations) 2021 4x60

Fizzle (short film) cinematographer 2020

Diabolical (Season 3) Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 2019 10x60

1990s The Deadliest Decade (season 3) Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 2019 6x60

Celebrity Ghost Stories Jarrett Creative LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK - cinematographer (recreations) 2019 6x60

Dead Reckoning Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 2019 6x60

The Murder TapeBlackfin  INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - director/cinematographer (recreations) 2019 6x60

Primal Instinct (season 2) Blackfin  INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 2019 7x60

Rotten: Cod is Dead ZeroPointZero  NETFLIX - cinematographer 2018 1x60

The Most Unknown VICE - additional cinematographer 2018 1x90

This Happened: Secret War, Secret Deals MSNBC - cinematographer 2018 1x60

Deadline Crime With Tamron Hall Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer 2018 8x60

1990s: The Deadliest Decade (season 2) Lion TV  INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 2018 - 6x60

Dead North Magilla Entertainment INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer 2018  4x60

An American Murder Mystery: Natalie Wood Jupiter Ent. INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 2018

Oprah's Masterclass (season 6)  Radical Media OWN - cinematographer (recreations) 2017 9x60

Mission Juno  Radical Media NASA - cinematographer (interviews) 2017 4x15

Grave Mysteries (season 1) Lion TV  INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 2017 6x60

Kiss of Death Talos Films INVESTIGATION DISCOVERYcinematographer (interviews) 2017 6X60

The War On Drugs Talos Films  HISTORY CHANNEL - cinematographer (interviews) 2017 4x120

Homicide For The Holidays (season 1) Jarrett Creative  OXYGEN - cinematographer (recreations) 2016 5x60


1980s: The Deadliest Decade (season 1) Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 2016 10x60


Six Degrees of Murder (season 1) Lion TV INVESTIGATION DISCOVERYcinematographer (recreations) 2015 10x60

Scorned: Love Kills (season 6) Optomen Productions INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 10x60


Mysteries at the Castle (Season 3) Optomen Productions TRAVEL CHANNEL  - cinematographer (recreations) 2015

Monsters Inside Me (season 6) Optomen Productions ANIMAL PLANET - cinematographer (recreations) 2015


The Search for General Tso Wicked Delicate Films NETFLIX - additional cinematographer 1x91 2014

A Haunting: The Shadowman New Dominion Pictures THE LEARNING CHANNEL - cinematographer (recreations) 2014 1x60

Most Evil (season 2) Optomen Productions INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 2014 10x60

Scorned: Love Kills (season 3) Optomen Productions INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY - cinematographer (recreations) 2013 10x60

Monsters Inside Me (season 4) Optomen Productions ANIMAL PLANET - cinematographer (recreations) 2013


The City Dark Wicked Delicate Films PBS POV - cinematographer 2011 1x83

Bruce Lee Live Pangolin Pictures FULE TV - cinematographer 2011 5x60

Blue Collar Dogs: Border Hounds Partisan Pictures NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - cinematographer 2011 1x60

Caddyshack: The Inside Story Pangolin Pictures BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL - cinematographer 2009 1x120

Driftless Stories from Iowa MEDIASTORM  - cinematographer 2009 1x30

The Greening of Southie Wicked Delicate Films THE SUNDANCE CHANNEL - cinematographer 2008 1x70

The Tricks of Love Mutressa Movies - cinematographer 2008

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