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Taylor Gentry is a New York City based cinematographer with a wealth of experience in branded content, documentary, dramatic recreations, and scripted television. 

Originating from the heart of the Midwest, Taylor's journey in filmmaking began as a child making stop-motion animation with Star Wars figurines on a VHS camera, which eventually lead him to his studies in film production at the University of Iowa.


Taylor's career, which spans over 15 years, is marked by numerous remarkable achievements. As a cinematographer, he has collaborated on Emmy nominated projects, has shot over 40 series of true crime and historical recreations for networks including Discovery ID, and most recently worked as the DP on the film Tell Them You Love Me, which won best documentary at the Hamptons Film Festival.


He has also created content for brands such as Verizon, Prudential, Heelys, Alice and Olivia, and Abvie.

What distinguishes Taylor is his adaptability (and zen attitude.) He is adept in smaller, run-and-gun documentary scenarios as well as larger scripted productions.

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